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▣Overnight, videos on social media purported to show explosions in Syria's Deir el-Zour, a strategic province that borders Iraq and contains oil fields. Iran-backed militia groups and Syrian forces control the area, which also has seen suspected airstrikes by Israel in recent months allegedly targeting Iranian supply routes.↭1206Y0630821MER◇Want to learn more about news and the media? Listen to the Consider This episode: TikTok vs. Everybody〓1812Y5000181GCT△For children and young adults, summer camps, particularly overnight ones, offer a chance to start fresh.↶AIRD-01-390K➲King Charles and Queen Camilla met with Reynolds and McElhenney on the stadium's soccer pitch late last year. And soccer luminaries including former England player turned BBC broadcaster Gary Lineker tweeted their congratulations while Reynolds and McElhenney hugged players on the pitch after Saturday's victory had sealed the team's advancement.➙

↰He had a long career before Mad. He drew for Timely Comics, which became Marvel Comics, and for several years sketched the "Tall Tales" panel for the New York Herald Tribune. Jaffee first contributed to Mad in the mid-1950s. He left when Kurtzmann quit the magazine, but came back in 1964.➼C3216X7S2A155K160AB☂"But the question the judges were asking was whether the order came from MIT or if he had gone to MIT to find out if he could be useful to them", Nogueras told AFP.↾


◢On a recent afternoon, they walk slowly along the rows of freshly dug graves, the mounds of dirt covered in ribbons with pictures and flowers, a slight dusting of snow lingering on the petals.➡CBR04C759B5GAC∴Kilicdaroglu in turn, during an April rally in Canakkale, said Erdogan can no longer govern Turkey.●BDP948H6433XTMA1■Buckingham Palace released King Charles' coronation invitation on Tuesday, giving royal watchers much to discuss.▄2150-10G█The trial's most riveting moments unfolded when Holmes took the witness stand to testify in her own defense.↻

★In 2015, her sister told British lawmakers there had been no indication whatsoever that Shamima had fallen under the influence of by Islamic extremism before she left London for Syria.☻C1210X150G3HACAUTO◄On Wednesday, the Biden administration finalized a new rule that severely limits asylum for those who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without first applying online or seeking protection in a country they passed through. (The rule was first announced in February and is likely to face legal challenges.)☀

£"If it's no communication it's no communication regardless of the circumstances," she said, according to NBC News. "The people who know me knew and respected that."▥

↱In Keeler's case, the grand jury accused him of covering up sexual abuse allegations while serving as bishop of Harrisburg in the 1980s. Keeler later allowed the accused clergy member, now-defrocked John G. Allen, to transfer to Baltimore and continue working. Not long after the report became public, church officials announced the archdiocese was changing its plans to name a new Catholic school after Keeler, who had died the previous year.♡


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ZTX948STZ♢North Korea faces stringent U.S. and international sanctions going back nearly two decades for its nuclear weapons program and development of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Pyongyang has continued to research and test more nuclear weapons. It has also worked to evade sanctions with the cooperation of allies like China and illicit trade with barred countries and companies.☋0603J2501P50CQT△Meanwhile, the California National Guard will offer support in analyzing drug operations, with a particular focus on fentanyl trafficking rings.⇉

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