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2225J1K00221FCT☜Over 2,000 years ago, the Babylonians mapped these constellations and later the Greeks built on that work to create the zodiac we have today.⇥744761124C☆Duane says Texas has promised those funds before, as part of its defense of the fetal burial law. In that lawsuit, Duane argued that funerals can be expensive. "The state kept promising that they were going to provide all of these resources and grants and all this money for people who needed to have funerals," Duane says. "[Texas] never did any of that. It was all just political theater."⇕


✎Contact tracing exploded in the early days of the pandemic as a way to help contain the spread of the new virus in the absence of vaccines or much scientific understanding about how the virus spread. Malachi Stewart of the D.C. Department of Health changed over from contact tracing sexually transmitted infections to the COVID-19 team. He explained his job to NPR in April 2020.⇣1N4562B█There is also a morning-after drink, "Blue Soberaid," that mixes honey, water and salt to help stave off a hangover.⇂C0805C153K1RECAUTO↓The pension fund sold the Codex Sassoon 11 years later to Jacqui Safra, a banker and art collector, bought it in 1989 for $3.19 million ($7.7 million in today's dollars). Safra was the seller on Wednesday.【0925-104H⇧The bill sets a deadline of April 1, 2024, giving the transportation agency less than a year to complete its work and make a recommendation. The Republican-dominated Florida Legislature approved the measure by a wide margin.◇

◆"To me, I can say it is a good announcement indeed as it will finally open avenues where people can interact freely."卐VS-ST183S08PFL1P►Dennis Kelleher, who heads the watchdog group Better Markets, blames a deregulatory push in recent years that promoted a light touch on bank oversight.◇

▥Also this week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and Democrats on the panel sent a letter to Crow, issuing a new series of demands to detail the extent of any gifts worth more than $415 that he has given to any Supreme Court justice or their family members. Durbin also demanded information from businesses affiliated with Crow's private jet, private yacht and an expansive property known as Camp Topridge in New York's Adirondack Mountains.◊


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2220J5000562JCR▄But Williams knew when it came to more traditional public health interventions, "they don't diffuse into society" as easily. "Our problem is not coming up with the answers. Our problem is often scaling those answers." To Williams, music, and hip-hop in particular, could serve as a powerful tool. "Music has always been able to diffuse not just through our personal lives but across the world," he says. "And yet in my mind, we hadn't fully leveraged it for public health."↲0603J0500151FAT☎Brazzaville — The deadliest cholera outbreak in Malawi's history has killed at least 1,210 people, while vaccines remain scarce and several other African nations report outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Thursday. The southern African nation has been battling its worst cholera outbreak on record, with nearly 37,000 cases reported since March 2022.▌

➲A multi-year U.S. intelligence review has deemed it "very unlikely" that a foreign adversary is behind the mysterious neurological symptoms known as "Havana Syndrome" that have been reported by more than a thousand American officials since 2016, significantly undermining a theory shared by some victims and lawmakers that U.S. personnel were being targeted by a hostile government.↺

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