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♦Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said that more shallow graves have yet to be dug up on the land belonging to pastor Paul Makenzi, who was arrested on April 14 over links to cultism.□


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0603Y0500561JDR«He insisted that he stole nothing from "Let's Get it On" when he wrote his tune.✌1812J2000562GCR↵The Biden administration is seeking new regulations to address the unexpected costs and inconveniences experienced by passengers after the widespread flight disruptions this past winter.⊞

£Launched five years ago, the website and social media platform is run mainly by entertainment journalist Erika Marie Rivers.☻


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B37979G1330J054◥"It looks like it was only there for a short time but moisture did start to soften some of the pasta," he said.✄CDR01BX472AKMRAJ☜I try to keep in mind how little control or influence I have to change the state of the country (and world) and let go of the feeling of responsibility. I do what I can and understand that change is slow. One of the greatest gifts of getting old is knowing how little power you have in the grand scheme of things. It relieves you of the feeling that you have to DO something and the frustration and anger that goes with it. -Mary Theresa McCarty, Halfmoon, N.Y.⊙

▥Plans to resume filming were outlined last year by widower Matthew Hutchins in a proposed settlement to a wrongful death lawsuit that would make him an executive producer on a rebooted "Rust."▪

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