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➨When Windy Van Hooten's Circus of the Fantasticals rolls into town, it is always with purpose. The management, lead by the Ringmaster, can see the future and even travel back and forth through time using powers called Sparks, which manifested in a chosen few in the wake of the Great War. Everyone in the circus is a Spark, and by performing for the right people on the right nights, they hope to set the world on a path to a better future. Because the Ringmaster knows that another war is coming, somehow even worse than the one that was meant to end all wars. And she also knows that another Spark circus is on their heels — one led by a man who once sought to dominate her with his power.☣


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R6221640ESOO♡Democrats also see an opening to overturn an 1849 state law that took effect last summer after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. A lawsuit filed by Democrats last year challenging the old law will be argued at the circuit court level in May and could go to the state court within months.⇕CM316X5R226M06AT۰From 1 a.m.◊


↺Martin: What did they say to you about how they lost a sense of fear or anxiety?░CDR31BX681BKWSAC♬Investigators also believe a stolen Chevy Silverado is connected to the escape.↫1808J0630100GFT❖Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Biden's appointing a point person for negotiations is similar to what McConnell recommended former President Trump do in 2019 when there were similar debt default concerns.✦T494A105K025AT▅The Manhattan district attorney's office, meanwhile, is conducting its own investigation into Neely's death.♠

☣The same sergeant, Josh Evans, texted in reference to the arrest of a Black suspect, "I'll bury that N*&*er in my fields."✏1210J2000221JCT❖"My sense of hope is definitely rooted in these volunteer-led organizations and health care worker-led organizations, that have a passion that's rooted in their experiences during the pandemic," says LeBlanc. "These organizations serve solely to support nurses, residents, other health care workers through the damage that the pandemic has done or the damage that was done prior to the pandemic that we weren't able to talk about openly."█


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0603Y0252P20BFT♤Bishop said 97% of parents agreed to the lesson this year, but the 3% of parents who did not agree were "entitled to have that opinion," he said.►2225Y0160391GCT☆So if your birthday is this week, I'm sorry to say — you are not actually a Taurus!▂


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CDBA5819-HF↿Born Anna Mae Bullock on Nov. 26, 1939, Turner grew up in rural Nutbush, Tenn., but also spent time in Knoxville, as her parents moved there for work. Growing up, she had a distant relationship with both her father, who abandoned the family when she was 13, and mother. But performing came naturally, and became her solace. In Tina Turner: My Love Story, she describes music-filled shopping excursions — being 4 or 5 years old and being paid by salesgirls to sing radio hits she had memorized — and the exhilaration of leading her cousins, half-sister Evelyn, and sister Alline in pretend stage shows. Later, she honed her performing presence further by singing at picnics with a regionally famous trombonist named Mr. Bootsy Whitelaw.C0805X822K5JAC7800▯The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization condemned the new bill as a further violation of the basic human rights of Ugandans.♂


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