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➡In March of 2022, the company said that while it had encouraged account sharing in the past, with features such as profiles and multiple streams, the practices have been "impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members."❀S1DLHM2G↰Lillian was driving towards Dartmouth Dam for a day trip from the nearby town of Bright when she hit a dead-end road and realized she'd made a wrong turn. As she tried to turn her car around, the vehicle became stuck in mud.♟1825J2K00180GCR§Then he launched into the song that heirs of Ed Townsend, Gaye's co-writer on "Let's Get It On," say has "striking similarities" and "over common elements" to the famed 1973 Gaye musical treasure.➟TTC5200(Q)↓For many Palestinians — millions of whom remain a stateless people to this day — the Nakba isn't just history for today's generation, but what they call an ongoing catastrophe punctuated by the violence of an entrenched Israeli military occupation.⇇

☀But like everything else with Trump, without enforcement, suggested protocols are just those — suggestions.♪2225J6300224KXR➭"We've had our share of troubles and woes, but this one's pretty bad," said Sheriff Eddy Rice.✤


✏The shift from social media that Smith mentions is another pain point for the industry, as chaos engulfs Twitter under Elon Musk, and other legacy social media platforms, like Facebook, lose their luster for news sites.◦VQ3001P-E3✲"An anthill," she says, "constantly in motion."☺0805J1503P00HQT↭Since making his first successful of climb of the peak in 1998, Dawa has made the trip almost every year.⊙2225Y0500181JCR✎His death came at a time of unusually heightened violence in the West Bank. Over 90 Palestinians and have been killed by Israeli fire so far this year, at least half of them affiliated with militant groups, according to a tally by The Associated Press.♤

卍In finding Trump liable for battery, the jury awarded Carroll $2 million in compensatory damages, along with $20,000 in punitive damages. For the defamation claim, the jury awarded her $2.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $280,000 for punitive damages, finding that Trump had acted "maliciously, out of hatred, ill will, spite or wanton, reckless, or willful disregard of the rights of another" when he accused her of inventing the story.⇟GJM0335C1E2R5BB01D¤Some advocates for Protasiewicz say they also worry about conservative control of the court when it comes to setting voting rules for the 2024 presidential election in Wisconsin and if Republicans would challenge the 2024 results. Conservatives unsuccessfully fought the results of the 2020 race in the state, and there may be more lawsuits involving the 2024 race.▩


❈"Weaponizing legislative discipline reveals a concerning level of democratic dysfunction," said Seifter, who is the co-director of the State Democracy Research Initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She added, "it suggests that more attention should focus on state-level government."ⓞGMC21X7R224K50NT♕Those images of physical violence (Warning: Graphic violence is depicted in the linked video) in turn sparked dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against Israeli targets, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on both territories, and a subsequent pair of attacks Friday on civilians in the occupied West Bank and Tel Aviv, which have left two British-Israeli settlers and an Italian tourist dead. The militant group Hamas has not claimed responsibility for either Friday attack, but instead praised them as valid retaliation for the prior behavior of Israeli police.♚HSMP-3832-TR2G╬Starbucks' then-CEO, Howard Schultz, was grilled, including by members of Congress, for 2022 leaked remarks calling a unionization effort an "outside force." Braden Wallake, the CEO of marketing firm HyperSocial, took heat on social media for posting a selfie of himself crying after laying off employees.☚1812Y0160391KCR✏"Who would have thought New Mexico would have one of the highest rates in the country?" said Howard Henderson, founding director of the Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University. He's also a professor in the university's school of public affairs.▥

▐"There is a F-35 missile-armed weapon being piloted by Jack Smith with [Attorney General] Merrick Garland as his wingman in D.C. that's going to get off the ground soon in the Mar-a-Lago obstruction case that will make this look like a water pistol," former Trump White House lawyer Ty Cobb told CNN Tuesday of the New York case — and the potential danger ahead for Trump.✯T86D476K016ESAL◇His release in March, a little more than 11 years ahead of schedule, followed a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court in December that granted anyone convicted by a split-jury verdict the right to have their case reexamined.▭


↝The revised amount is being backed by more than 60,000 parties that have filed lawsuits alleging harm from J&J talcum powder, according to the company.ºC328C562GAG5TA7301☎This week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen blew the whistle and announced the day of reckoning was arriving ahead of schedule — perhaps as soon as June 1.▮GRM1885C1H9R1CA01J▔"This will have a major effect on residents' ability to stay safe and will impact the evacuation programs that are ongoing," said Netblocks director Alp Toker. ___ Associated Press writers Isabel DeBre in Jerusalem, Samy Magdy in Cairo, Michael Corder in The Hague, Netherlands, Angela Charlton in Paris, Frances D'Emilio in Rome and Fay Abuelgasim in Beirut contributed to this report.↬9250-276✲"Starship just experienced what we call a rapid, unscheduled disassembly," said John Insprucker, SpaceX's principal integration engineer. "As we expected, excitement is guaranteed. Starship gave us a spectacular end to what was a relatively successful test flight so far."➻

☂Simply put, there are two trials because there were two lawsuits that made separate claims.▬SK3060CD2➹An IBM report estimated that cyberattacks on hospitals cost an average of $10 million per incident, excluding any ransom payment –– the highest among all industries.⇦


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2220J0160153JDT☼After the Times of London revealed this potential conflict of interest this past January, the government opened an investigation. On Friday, it published its report, concluding that Sharp had indeed breached rules.♡GA1210Y273JBCAR31G☈"No, I don't support putting a hold on military nominations," McConnell said in response to a reporter's question. "I don't support that. But as to why, you'll have to ask Sen. Tuberville."☻


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