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★But Wednesday's declaration has been met with mixed reviews in Seoul. Some, especially from the ruling party, are favorable, and suggest that the deal will ease anxieties about the threat the South faces from North Korea's ever-larger nuclear arsenal. But there has also been an outpouring of criticism that the deal resulted in Seoul giving more than it got — and that it could make South Korea's neighborhood a more dangerous place.♢

❧In February, Adidas estimated that the decision to not sell the existing merchandise will cut the company's full-year revenue by 1.2 billion euros (about $1.28 billion) and its operating profit by 500 million euros ($533 million) this year.➺


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1206J5000180KDR☁As her mother watches from a nearby bench, she gives up on the playground equipment and heads for a row of bushes, where she begins to collect leaves and sticks, mumbling to herself as she searches.◎7440700180▥Lena Kent, a spokesperson for the train's operator, BNSF Railway, told NPR that "the volumes involved don't pose a risk to the river or nearby communities." A boom, which helps absorb and contain spills on water, has been placed in the area as a precaution.☻


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1825Y6K00151FCR☇"Isn't it incredible? This is so fantastic. It was mind-blowing. It was so sharp and it was so bright. You could see the corona around the sun there," the visibly excited Washington resident said.←1210Y2500821KCT⇢In fact, he used a joke in his first monologue that he also repeated to me at a press conference before the show debuted: "Believe me, however shocked you are that I am doing this job, you will never be as shocked as I am."↳


▩While humans and livestock infected with the bacteria that causes chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics, it's not so simple for koalas.∴RS802M↚In a previous study in the valley, James found that lifetime exposure to low levels of arsenic in drinking water, between 10 and 100 micrograms per liter, or µg/L, was linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Other research has tied chronic exposure to low-level arsenic to hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Pregnant women and children are at greater risk for harm.ღ0603J1000270FAR▒For more on politics, listen to the Consider This episode on John Fetterman's return to Congress.✌GRM155R71H432KA01DⓥBy the end of the pope's appearance, some 100,00 people had flocked to the square in time for the pontiff's speech, according to the Vatican's crowd count.❤

⊙Texas is one of several states where elected officials have introduced anti-LGBTQ+ bills over the last few years.❤VJ1206A471FXAPW1BC✪A group of aggressive bees descended on passersby in Los Angeles this week and sent at least two people, including a police volunteer, to the hospital.☈

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