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♀"He was conscious and alert and moving around, calling us. He just couldn't get down," Esposito said. Four of the injured were hospitalized and in stable condition, and the fifth refused medical attention, he said.⇧1825J2K00682JXR◙The start of broadcast was delayed for a few minutes and then it cut out twice. Tech investor David Sacks, who was supposed to introduce the event, could be heard saying: "The servers are melting."☠0505J2500620JQT▫"An injured 19-year-old man was hospitalised in the Desnyanskyi district of the capital," he said. Authorities later said he was hit by the falling debris.▤C1206C680KDGACTU▌There are different kinds of fire. Say more about the one that burns inside of you.❤

★Johnson, whose mother is Samoan, will be a producer on the upcoming movie and will reprise his role as Maui, who was inspired by Johnson's late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.✁2225J0250565MXR﹌“He could feel the weight of the trial coming,” Flowers said. “It was imminent. He knew he was going to die in prison as a result of those charges, and this was his last-ditch effort.”❖


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M39003/01-2627H↱Her voice raw from breathing in smoke from gunfire and bombings, she says: "The children are crying because they're very, very scared and the house is shaking... all our family stay under the bed, the war planes over us."↯M39003/01-8028/HSD▧In 2021, the Biden administration told federal agencies to stop funding many new fossil fuel projects abroad. The directive went out shortly after a United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland, where the United States and other countries pledged to cut off public support for overseas fossil fuel projects that freely emit greenhouse gas pollution. But now, leaders of America's Export-Import Bank have decided to lend nearly $100 million for the expansion of an oil refinery in Indonesia.★


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CAS18C271MARFC₪When the king died, Tibetans began revealing their tongues to show they hadn't become his incarnate. Tongue-sucking does not appear to be part of the tradition.♬VJ1210A181JLAAJ32▇"Add to this the effects of climate change, bird flu, and changes in consumer behavior and you have the perfect storm of factors that are leading to high rates of food price increases, including the price of pasta," he says.▮

☪He was initially uncooperative with investigators, refusing for several hours to exit his residence or answer questions, the sheriff said.♖

⊕Shell took on the NBCU CEO position in January 2020, succeeding Steve Burke just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic devastated large swathes of the company's revenues, across news programming, entertainment networks, movies, and theme parks.☆

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