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☂11. ""Imagine"" — John Lennon (1971)§


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C0805C271F5GACTU◑"I think that in a sane world, these kinds of arguments get laughed out of court," Chaiten says.▦VS-60APF10-M3After a career and perreo spanning more than three decades, Daddy Yankee retired last year with the release of his final album, Legendaddy.◐


⇛President Joe Biden and his wife Jill made about $30,000 less in 2022 than in the president's first year in office, according to tax returns released today. In total, they earned $579,514 last year, with most of their income coming from the president's standard $400,000 salary.▋AQ147A6R8CAJWE×Meanwhile, community leaders in the valley are adapting in impressive and innovative ways, James says.⇜M39003/01-2878/HSD▪NEW YORK — A 1,100-year-old Hebrew Bible that is one of the world's oldest surviving biblical manuscripts sold for $38 million in New York on Wednesday.⇝0603Y2003P30DQT❀"Air bag inflators that project metal fragments into vehicle occupants, rather than properly inflating the attached air bag, create an unreasonable risk of death and injury," Stephen Ridella, director of NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation, wrote in a letter to ARC.☟

▪According to BBC Scotland journalist Laura Pettigrew, who was on the flight, a loud bang was heard just before the plane was diverted.←CDR32BX103BKSS-1K↳Low, from the Times newspaper, said the royal family, as an institution, would very much like the issues with Harry and Meghan to go away.◘

✄In New York, a civil claim of battery may encompass a wide range of unwanted physical contact. In addition to asking whether Trump "raped" Carroll, the jury was asked to consider whether he "sexually abused" her or "forcibly touched" her.↛


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2225J0250183KFR☽While the number of people eligible to donate blood has expanded, the agency said it will continue to monitor the safety of the blood supply.☛1808Y1K20151JCT▥The five former officers each face several charges, including second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression. All five officers have pleaded not guilty.▶


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