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】An F-18 radioed in — 525 knots.⇜


◧Police did not comment on the earlier beatings, but said security forces entered the holy compound after prayers in response to "masked suspects" who threw rocks toward officers at one of the gates.⇩0819R-60H☀When the king died, Tibetans began revealing their tongues to show they hadn't become his incarnate. Tongue-sucking does not appear to be part of the tradition.▕1808J3K00680KCT▶Lee said his former company has already taken back more than 20 sex dolls from customs officials through lawsuits. He said the company has filed separate lawsuits seeking government compensation as many of the retrieved sex dolls became unusable following about two years of seizures by the customs service.♛0603J2002P70DCT☁The user, yafavv.mandaa, shared footage of her and her family cleaning the couch, and said in a follow-up video that it sat at her father's workplace for two weeks before she took it home.→

♂"That'll keep the rodents and other animals that are attracted by the birdseed at the edge instead of in the middle of your lawn," she said.∎695D106X9050H2W⇞The situation in the nation's capital today offers a prime example of Mitch McConnell Time.↵

☎"A formal statement is planned and forthcoming as the teen's injuries allow," she said. "We recognize the frustration this can cause in the entire criminal justice process."➹


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GCJ32ER71H475MA12L¤A Damascus-based Palestinian group loyal to the Syrian regime claimed responsibility for launching the three missiles Saturday, reported Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV.☃TACL475M004XTA☣If proceedings go ahead for April 25 as scheduled, then jury selection would begin that day. The case is taking place in federal court at the Southern District of New York, meaning potential jurors are drawn from Manhattan, the Bronx, and a handful of suburban counties north of the city.▦


♙Music in particular kickstarts me and really helps me articulate my feelings in both subconscious and conscious ways. I like to have active listening sessions throughout the day. But what helps me the most is listening to music in bed in the early morning before doing anything else. It puts my mind in a place of zen and allows me to be the best version of myself that day to radiate positive energy not only within, but to the surrounding world as well. -Sean Nguyen, Seattle, Wash.➭2225J2000102GCT♥"I was the likely target, not my wife," Di Nino said. "But he moved on after shooting her. That's the thing that is running through my head right now."↹C0805X160F1HAC7800♧It was Malcolm X's intelligence and drive, King said, that allowed him to shape himself and turn away from an early life of crime.❏GCJ21AR72E332KXJ1D⊙Lying in public, on TV, or during a speech is one thing. Doing it under oath can carry jail time.↨

×"This last year-and-a-half has just been trying to find myself again, trying to just keep myself alive, and get back into the world," he said.☢C1825X225K5RACTU↑"This last year-and-a-half has just been trying to find myself again, trying to just keep myself alive, and get back into the world," he said.▆


  1. Starts off into the wilderness, but returns to small town.


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