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1812J3K00331FCR↭Brandt grew up in Carroll, Ohio, a small village southeast of Columbus. He left his family farm when he was drafted into the Marine Corps in the late 1960s and served during the Vietnam War, where he loaded tank shells as part of an armored battalion, Jay said. Brandt was wounded during his service and received a Purple Heart, Jay added.❉2220Y0500394JXT◘New data this month showed U.S. household debt now surpasses a record $17 trillion. For comparison, the European Union has more households and less than half that amount of debt.☻

➛By needing to pass another bill on Disney's governance, DeSantis and lawmakers may be implicitly acknowledging that the agreement between the previous board and the company was valid, Foglesong said.⇑

▆The attorneys general of California and New York have opened a joint investigation regarding allegations of workplace discrimination at the NFL — citing lawsuits filed by employees that detail sex, racial and age bias, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.♩


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0603Y2000620GUT㊣Since then, more than 8 million Ukrainians have registered as refugees in Europe and another 5.3 million have become internally displaced, according to the U.N. refugee agency. But these statistics reflect only a small part of the struggle civilians are going through. With the insufficient financial resources and policies in place that, according to scholars of international law, harm civilians and prevent families from reuniting, for most refugees, displacement has become not a single, lifesaving event but rather a chronic condition of uncertainty and precarity.●2225Y2K00332MXR▒While Davis has been charged with a federal hate crime, Indiana's own hate crime laws have been under scrutiny.↡

➹What's been your best experience as it relates to disability?╬

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