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"In the United States, most medication abortions involve two drugs: mifepristone followed by misoprostol, a protocol approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000. A coalition of anti-abortion-rights groups are suing the FDA, seeking to force mifepristone to be pulled from the market.▣

▣Fort Lee, the U.S. Army's Virginia garrison named after the slave-holding leader of Confederate forces during the Civil War, became Fort Gregg-Adams on Thursday in a ceremony that renamed the base after two Black officers whose struggles paved the way for a more inclusive military.▣


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CDLL4728↟And what if you test positive and have risks: say, you're older, immunocompromised or have underlying health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, a compromised immune system or diabetes. Don't just figure you can beat it on your own. Reach out to your doctor right away, says Dr. Aaron Glatt, chair of medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, N.Y., and spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. "There are effective treatments available for high-risk infected individuals that are underutilized. You may be a candidate, which could reduce your possibility of progressing to severe disease."♔1111J1500620GQT✏Potential jurors could face questions about their feelings about Trump, whether they have followed news of his criminal indictment, thoughts about his social media presence and whether the #MeToo movement has "impacted" their lives.⊟


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DST1040S-A▬In a break with tradition, some of Camilla's grandchildren — who are not strictly royals — will also play a role in a ceremony, possibly in holding a canopy over the queen consort during her anointing. Camilla's grandsons, Louis, Gus and Freddy, will reportedly take part, as well as her grandnephew Arthur Elliot.✍C315C752F1G5TA7301☪A police report following Abe's shooting concluded that with better planning and on-site security, Abe's killing could have been prevented.∎


░The so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partners — the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — have taken similar steps.↺1825J5000470GCR◦Strep, short for Streptococcus, can cause a bacterial infection that typically leads to a sore throat, fever and swollen tonsils. It can affect adults, but it's most common in school-aged children.▌MBRT60045R▱"It means all activities planned for the high seas need to be looked at, though not all will go through a full assessment," said Jessica Battle, an oceans governance expert at the Worldwide Fund for Nature.➙CWR09NH105KR⋄More tragedy followed for Miguel Lerma. Last May, Jose's wife, Virginia, – Lerma's grandmother – died after a series of strokes. Lerma was raised by his grandparents and refers to them as "mom" and "dad."♖

▏Strong winds accompanied by rains continued in the Saint Martin's Island in the Bay of Bengal in the afternoon, but feared tidal surges did not take place because the cyclone started crossing Bangladesh coast at low tide, Dhaka-based Jamuna TV station reported.✲UH4PCC-M3/87A→Ortiz added that the record number of apprehensions — upwards of 17,000 per day — are not likely to materialize after Thursday night. He explained that only five of the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors are over 125% capacity, meaning the other four are not. The Rio Grande Valley and El Paso in Texas, and Tucson, Ariz., appear to be the most crowded.⇅

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