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⇝The commercial spaceflight company SpaceX scrapped its first scheduled test flight of Starship, a huge, stainless-steel rocket that could one day carry humans to the moon, Mars and beyond.♧


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592D107X0010C2T20H☼As for the other part of the mystery — the who — local media outlets cite neighbors who believe the pasta came from a house that was recently cleared out ahead of being put on the market. A man's mother had died, the reports state, leaving her son to clear out pasta from her pantry.◇LD051A102JAB4A▶The FBI-Boston Division said personnel were "mistakenly sent" to the wrong room "based on inaccurate information."⇂


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5500R-226J☺In her memoir, Adams, then a major, recalled an episode when a general came to inspect her battalion. He threatened to "send a white first lieutenant down here to show you how to run this unit.''▬0805Y1001P80DAR☊Defense attorneys argued at the sentencing hearing that Potter deserved leniency because Wright was trying to drive away and Potter had the right to defend herself.▫

◊He added that only three days before Friday's attack, the families met with judges leading the 2013 case.↳


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1808CA330MAT1A↘"CWO would want transparency, and lay people elected from dioceses rather than chosen by the hierarchy, but it is a start!" said the CWO's Pat Brown.CDRH10D48/ANP-271MC☁In court, Trump was photographed appearing stern. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.⇡


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