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1206J2003P00HQT⊙"Most seem to be in good physical shape," O'Brien had said, adding: "Consider how senior executives look ... and how they dress. They wear suits."▲MP61012-P00◢The Walt Disney Company reported a 13% increase in quarterly earnings on Wednesday — to $21.8 billion.º


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1825J1K50222JCT⇖In recent months, the military has focused on recruiting volunteers, offering contract soldiers far higher pay to fight in Ukraine — up to $2,600 a month, a vast sum for Russians from small towns or rural areas.▇2220Y0160124FCT▣In December, the account Sweeney created to track Musk's jet was was suspended after Musk bought Twitter and said the account posed a personal safety risk.➽


↸Isaphine Smith, the principal of Severn Elementary School, added that McAdory agreed to stop visiting elementary school bus stops after the school's Communications Office "kindly asked."۰2225Y2000473KDR☇Three institutions — Everglades College Inc., Lincoln Educational Services Corp., and American National University Inc. — had asked the high court to step in and prevent the settlement from going forward because of what they said would be "reputational harm." They also maintained that the secretary of education did not have the authority to settle claims by providing "student loan cancellations and refunds."⇛1210Y1000150JAT♐"A lot of times it just starts with, 'Hey, take a breath, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth,'" she said.♦B82498F3390J1♨The ports of entry participating in the Title 42 exemption process are located in Nogales, Arizona; the Texas cities of Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Hidalgo, Laredo and El Paso; and the California cities of Calexico and San Diego. The first appointments under the expanded process are set to occur on Jan. 18. DHS officials said they would make additional days available every morning.⇧

◥Jack Sweeney, the 20-year-old who created the popular Twitter page tracking billionaire Elon Musk's private jet, recently debuted the new account following the Florida governor.ⓞTBME336K035LBSB0045☂The electronic notification will be binding from the moment the government hits send.⇑


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C322C472K3G5TA▮In 2022, nearly a third of 12th graders and 1 in 5 10th graders reported using an illicit drug in the previous year, according to a national survey from the Monitoring the Future project conducted by the University of Michigan Survey Research Center. Those numbers have steadily decreased over the past 25 years. However, data from UCLA shows overdose deaths among teens doubled in the first year of the pandemic, mainly attributed to the increased prevalence of fentanyl-laced drugs.▼ELL-CTV221M✿The former student leader of the 2014 protests was not a leader of the 2019 protests, but his continued activism and high profile made him a target of the authorities. The jailing and silencing of activists like Wong have damaged faith in the future of Hong Kong, with many young professionals responding to the shrinking freedoms and autonomy by moving abroad.①


▢Kilicdaroglu's rallies draw somewhat younger crowds, with his supporters saying he represents a needed change and that he offers a more moderate leadership.➪MBR2045CT-LJ❤That is until Tuesday night, when the Miami Heat played the Boston Celtics, a game O’Neal was covering as an analyst for TNT. The playoff game was held at the Kaseya Center — a downtown Miami stadium once named FTX Arena.▏T491B106K016AT7634♩For Harris, taking the lead on the issue also puts her on more familiar political ground after being viewed as struggling with other issues — particularly migration — earlier in the administration.♥CKC21X912JEGAC7210↱"I just wanted to make sure that it's actually going out to the right people, people that we can actually educate and give training," Tanner said. "The more we can educate the public, the better off we are."▲

▧A handful of states have passed laws mandating universal free meals for students and many more are considering similar legislation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently proposed an expansion to a free meal program, to try to feed significantly more students at high-need schools.⇄GRM1556R1H110JZ01D⇣Their friendship becomes even more complicated and chaotic when the three move to LA together and attempt to find jobs, go to shows, and become acquainted with a scene that's a kind of fun house mirror reflection of Florida's. Glam is still in as far as Angelinos are concerned, and Sunset Strip "on a Saturday night was a cavalcade of feather boas and press-on eyelashes and fishnet gloves and assless leather chaps. It was dominated by men in full-on drag, especially on stage. And the weirdest thing about it was that everyone was straight." One typical night in LA sees Leslie and Kip attending a party at a band house rumored to have once been Aerosmith's headquarters. Kip, dressed in skinny jeans, a pink mesh vest, and purple Doc Martens, realizes that "all it would take to bring the whole scene crashing down would be for someone, just one random person, to look around and start laughing."▣

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