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C1210X103F4HACAUTO➲Police say a motorcycle taxi operator reported seeing the box being dumped by a vehicle with no license plates. The rider reported the incident to police officers who were manning a nearby roadblock.⇦VJ0402D6R8CLBAC❥"The Taliban is placing medieval misogyny above humanitarian need," the U.K.'s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward told diplomats last week after a closed Security Council meeting.▲

∴Nelson's comments appeared to have prompted Davis to excoriate Fox attorneys and even pose questions about their credibility. "I don't know why this is such a difficult thing," he said, referring to apparent confusion over the identities of Fox News' officers.◎


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C1210X820G5HACAUTO▤Even in the decades after the Comstock Act and similar laws were passed, they were largely unpopular and there were efforts to repeal them, Thompson says. But the Comstock Act was never fully repealed by Congress.↢GMC10X7R393K100NT«Thick plumes of smoke from blazes in the Canadian province of Alberta crossed into multiple states including Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.✍

♘In August 2016, he asked a judge to let him travel to France for business, a request that was denied, the affidavit states. Manchec, who has U.S. and French citizenship, allegedly went to France anyway, and authorities there refused to extradite him on the child pornography charges.×

あCivilians in the capital are bearing the brunt of the clashes, with millions trapped in their homes, humanitarian workers unable to deliver supplies and medical facilities under attack.✚


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