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☾Some business accounts on Twitter have a gold check mark, while certain government and multilateral accounts have a gray check.▦


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1111Y1505P60BQT↦“We have some very talented lawyers that specifically wrote this one to avoid that,” he said.♪CKR22CG182FP♛The flurry of traffic marked a key moment, says Hong Qu, a researcher of media and information sharing from Harvard University. The rush to discuss the bombings was the first time the mainstream public embraced Twitter — not just as a way to organize within communities, but to "broadcast information to the whole world," Qu told NPR.☺

◘What it will do: Dramatically expand the state’s school voucher program by opening it up to all K-12 students regardless of family income. Recipients will be given a taxpayer-funded “scholarship” to pay for the private school of their choice.➳


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VS-8EWF02STRR-M3❀A male suspect was killed and two male suspects were arrested following a shootout with police. One suspect is in the hospital under police guard with injuries sustained during the gunfire, police said. Three firearms were recovered from the scene and police are searching for one suspect who escaped during the shootout.↻1206J0250181KXR▢Instead, students will be able to carry clear plastic bags with gym clothes, lunchboxes, small purses containing personal items, such as hygiene products, wallets, keys and phones "within reason," the district said.☭


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2510-08K↥Temi doesn't mince words, especially when attacking the husband. She tells her friend that "this man doesn't fit into the plans we made." In fact, all men were never part of her plan. She considers them "instruments, not partners. Their presumed superiority over women throughout history has made them complacent and stopped them from adequately evolving, and so now they are no longer fit for long-term use." In one of the book's funnier lines, she says, "Men are like those pans that say non-stick and then you fry one egg and the whole pan is ruined."⊠MRF8S7120NR3◆"I think we set the stage to carry on further conversations," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters after the meeting Tuesday afternoon. "The president agreed to appoint a couple of people from his administration to sit down and negotiate directly with my team, so I found that to be productive personally."ぃ


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