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卍Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 40. It's a dangerous synthetic opioid that is more than 50 times more potent than heroin, the Justice Department said.┲CDR31BP220BFWPAT▯Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin has been cleared to resume full football activities, just a little more than four months after he collapsed on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest.▶C327C162JAG5TA▒The injured women range in age from 25 to 71, according to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum. It's unclear if these victims were specifically targeted by the gunman or if they are employees or patients of the medical practice, he said.❏2220J1K00563MXT☢I hope, I pray, my story helps you even though your cancer, your experience, may be different from mine. I'm not going to pretend to be an oncologist and give treatment advice — listen to your oncologist — but if you need to talk, I'm at A[email protected]. I'll respond if I'm able.➳

◇"Most of you in this room, when we were in school, we worried if Nancy would dance with us on Friday after the football game or something," he said. "That was our anxiety."↷C907U330JYSDAAWL35⇁Proponents of the measure have raised concerns about children changing their minds. Yet the evidence suggests detransitioning is not as common as opponents of transgender medical treatment for youth contend, though few studies exist and they have their weaknesses.◢


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SCRH105-181▫Alabama's First Class voluntary pre-kindergarten programs operates more than 1,400 classrooms across the state. The program has won high ratings from the National Institute for Early Education Research.웃AZ23C20-G3-18→Disney's in-person offerings performed better than streaming❈

⊠"Tucker is a chameleon," Ryan said. "He's very good at reading the room and figuring out where the right-wing base is at and adapting to give them as much red meat as they want."⇏

■As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 80% of 4,200 students who responded to a student government survey sent out in the morning said they don't even feel safe attending classes during the day, she said. Gawde and her housemates, who live near campus, won't go out alone and their parents have asked them to come home.☂

↰As a reference point, Fortmueller cites the lengthy strike between SAG-AFTRA and video game makers that ended in 2017.☁


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