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♩Why do you think it's important to focus on women and girls when it comes to disability? Why not everyone?▆0603J0161P50DCT↪The call to prayer resounded from the city's mosques when the eclipse phase began as Muslims said eclipse prayers as a reminder of God's greatness.☠1812J2000821FAT☼The governor also suggested the new board should sell the district's utility in order to pay down the district's $1 billion debts and make sure Disney World never again has a mask mandate, as it did after closing and then reopening in the first year of the COVID-19 virus' spread.☺0603Y2503P30BFR£Health authorities said two people who had been in the building were being treated at hospitals and both were in a stable condition. Three others had been treated and discharged, while a sixth patient had chosen to leave before getting treatment.◐

↷"It took our country far too long to recognize the humanity in many of its people — including the American Indians who lived in these lands for thousands of years," said Anton Hajjar, vice chairman of the USPS Board of Governors.⇎1945-14F★"I don't think he'll do it voluntarily and I would say that issuing a subpoena at this point is not possible," Durbin said.⇒

☢NPR White House correspondents Tamara Keith contributed to this report.▊


❈Bruno Tonioli, who has judged on both shows, called Goodman his "dear friend and partner for 19 years, the one the only ballroom legend."¤TBJC336K020CBSB0024▦After storms that hit parts of the South, Midwest and Northeast killed at least 32 people, many of the same communities still reeling from disaster are preparing for more bad weather this week.☜PDTC114YEF,115の"It shouldn't take something horrible happening to be a wake-up call for people about how dangerous the dehumanization of our neighbors is," she said.⊟CCR05CG681GPTR2☀The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Holmes' attempt to avoid prison comes nearly three weeks after she deployed a last-minute legal maneuver to delay the start of her 11-year sentence. She had been previously ordered to surrender to authorities on April 27 by Davila, who sentenced her in November.⊙

卐All participants were paid and agreed to feature on social media while struggling in an Auckland test kitchen after a Friday night out.⚘M39003/01-2854/HSD↷Federal researchers predict that fewer than 170,000 adult fall Chinook salmon will return to the Sacramento River this year — which is one of the lowest forecasts recorded since 2008. Similarly, fewer than 104,000 are expected to reach the Klamath River — which is the second lowest estimate since such research began in 1997.▣

▏At the White House, Yoon said peace on the Korean Peninsula does not happen automatically.▌


✆"I'm deeply humbled and overcome with gratitude to bring the beautiful story of Moana to the live-action big screen," he said. "This story is my culture, and this story is emblematic of our people's grace and warrior strength."のDSP25-16AR→"If a guest owns any items that have been recalled, they should return them for a full refund," Unger added.Θ0925R-151K♈Louisiana GOP Rep. Mike Johnson, a member of McCarthy's leadership team, told NPR "we're cautiously optimistic" about the state of play. On the staff talks continuing, Johnson said "those are necessary sequential steps in making it all happen and everybody knows that so the fact that the staffs are still meeting and negotiating is really important."◊GRM1885C1H390GA01D»What are they saying?▣

◥Palestinian prisoners are seen as national heroes and any perceived threat to them while in Israeli detention can touch off tensions or violence. Israel has often conceded to demands to release prisoners or shorten their sentences after they staged life-threatening hunger strikes.♐2225J2500391JFR▔"Well, then we should fix it," Musk wrote in an email on Wednesday to this reporter, when told that government support represents about 1% of NPR's finances.✿

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