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VJ0805Y102MXCMC★Last month, state Senate leader Toni Atkins announced legislation that would end the ban and replace it with an advertising campaign in those states that promotes acceptance and inclusion for the LGBTQ community. The bill would set up a fund to pay for the campaign, which would accept private donations and state funding — if any is available.⇍1206J2K01P70HQT♥GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel launched targeted airstrikes in densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip early Tuesday, killing three senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad militant group in their homes and at least 10 civilians, Palestinian health officials said. Two of the commanders' wives, several of their children and civilian neighbors — including a hospital director, his wife and son — were among the dead.☻


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GA1206Y153KXLBR31G♣Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison acknowledged the ordeal Stallings was forced to endure, as well as what he called an "unjust" trial and time in jail. But he also said Stetson's acknowledgement of wrongdoing is historic.→C1206C279C3HAC7800♩But Mekhi got into Mercer, and he has a knack for business plans, so he's exactly the vice president Autumn needs for her business. She fully intends to pick his brain and not let him into her heart. Happily for us readers, things don't go as planned.↯


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RGF1D-E3/67A◘On what an abortion doula does:♪1825J6300152GCT➳Tuesday's incident comes on the heels of two other high-profile instances of young people getting shot after allegedly approaching the wrong house, which have renewed focus and debate around "stand your ground" laws.✡


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IRF630NSPBF☭The WMD story is where many commentators end the CIA and Iraq narrative. That CIA got WMD wrong.  End of story.ぃKSC3503DSTU▧The scientific consensus shows COVID vaccines are safe and significantly reduce the chances of death or serious illness. While many Americans may share a distrust of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, there is no evidence of the kind of conspiracy alleged in these circles.☁

♀As part of the study, some participants will live in a dormitory-style setting for two-week stretches where they will rotate through three different types of diets. Researchers will measure body weight and vital signs, including blood pressure, and body composition. Blood, urine, saliva and stool samples will be collected, and researchers will assess microbiomes. Continuous glucose monitors can track changes in blood sugar.↨

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