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RS1GB-13-G◎In the domestic well study, James is focusing on arsenic, which she says has been gradually increasing in valley drinking wells over the past 50 years. Arsenic levels in San Luis Valley groundwater are "markedly higher than [in] many other areas of the U.S.," according to James. Arsenic concentrations have ranged from less than 2 to 150 µg/L between 1986 and 2014, James found in an earlier study. She is working on updating the data and also investigating ethnic disparities. One study there showed Hispanic adults had higher levels of arsenic in their urine than non-Hispanic white adults did. (Hispanic people can be of any race or combination of races.)➶C3D03060A★As the policy was formally lifted on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET, security officials were bracing for an unprecedented influx of migrants along the southern U.S. border — some estimates suggested as many as 150,000 migrants might arrive in the hopes of crossing over.✿


↢The new pledge came after the U.S. agreed to allow training on American-made F-16 fighter jets, laying the groundwork for their eventual transfer to Ukraine. Biden said Sunday that Zelenskyy had given the U.S. a "flat assurance" that Ukraine wouldn't use the F-16s jets to attack Russian territory.↷1210J1000224JDT☁The Rules Committee will meet Monday to discuss legislation that would effectively prohibit school athletic programs from allowing transgender women to participate in women's school sports programs.▬8230-72-RC↗Robert Zeidman entered the challenge with a 15-page report that concluded the data from Lindell did not "contain packet data of any kind and do not contain any information related to the November 2020 election." A panel of contest judges that included a Lindell attorney declined to declare Zeidman a winner. So Zeidman filed for arbitration under the contest rules.ぃ2225J0250182FCT♥A global operation in 2018 saw 8 tons of pangolin scales seized worldwide, half of that by Vietnamese maritime authorities on board a ship arriving from Congo.✆

▨Sandy Senn believes that legislators cannot tell a woman what is best for her own life.§D331G47U2JH6UL2R⊞ ☁

✍"K-pop exports hit a new high last year," says Kim Jin-woo, the head researcher at Circle Chart, one of the most influential Korean popular music charts. "But nevertheless, there are signs of slowdown."º

▬He praised the skill and courage of the prosecutors who have worked on the Jan. 6 cases and said they had secured more than 600 convictions. Garland said that work would continue.♀


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IXFH9N80Q❧"The water sucks," agrees Craig Nelson, 51, who has lived in the mobile home park for two years. "You don't drink it." Because the well serves at least 25 people, it is regulated by the state.◊1N4919A☀So, sell TikTok, or ban it? Selling it might be impossible – though worth a lot, the Chinese Communist Party may object to a sale. As for banning TikTok, Mueller said, "There's probably a 90% chance that that would be ruled unconstitutional [because of] the First Amendment. You're banning an information source, you're banning a publication. I have to emphasize this: if you ban TikTok, it's not the Chinese Government that would be silenced; it's the 150 million American users of the app. Those are the ones whose free speech rights would be violated by a ban."☋


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