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⇪In the western region of Darfur, up to 20,000 people left for neighboring Chad. War is not new to Darfur, where ethnically motivated violence has killed up to 300,000 people since 2003. But Sudan is not used to such heavy fighting in its capital, which "has become a ghost city," said Atiya Abdalla Atiya of the Doctors' Syndicate.▂MA0402CG561J160⊡Martin: Do you plan to take psilocybin at any point?♖0603J0250682MXT▣Yellowstone requires that visitors stay at least 25 yards away from its two breeding bison herds, which collectively contained 5,900 animals at the last count in 2022. The park is the only place in the contiguous U.S. to have maintained a continuously free-ranging bison population since prehistoric times.❀ELC11D820F▓Generally, a six-year statute of limitations applies to agency actions. Plaintiffs have argued that the FDA's later decisions to expand access to the drug — including in 2021, when it formally allowed the drug to be dispensed via mail — essentially restarted that clock, reopening the door to challenge the approval altogether.◁

✪"While the deal may not be perfect, it takes care of a situation that has been plagued by rumor, scandal and a series of seemingly non-stop problems within Credit Suisse," Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist for LPL Financial said in an email.➤1812J0630220GCR→Such is the story of Svitlana, who asked to not be identified by her last name for security reasons. She's a single mother whose husband was killed by shelling in 2014, when Russian-backed separatists took control of parts of the Donbas region.➸

⇘Zelenskyy will then participate in a session on Ukraine on Sunday, the final day of the summit.◎

↼This isn't a school for students with hearing disabilities, but Mr. Steve uses ASL as part of a broader approach to minimize noise in the classroom. And it's noticeably quiet. No one is talking louder than what's often referred to in Montessori schools as "the hum."↻


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2211YA254P70CCRSPU▆"I was sitting back there, trying to think about how many times I've stood on these steps saying, 'No, we are not going to accept what you're handing us,' " said Jenny Lawson, vice president of organizing and engagement campaigns with Planned Parenthood Action Fund. "How many more times, and in how many more ways, do the American people have to tell you that we support abortion rights?"♈1206J0166P80BCT♕Trump did not testify in his own defense. (Mike Ferrara, an attorney representing Carroll, seized on that, telling jurors during closing arguments that Trump's lawyers had concluded it "would hurt their case if they did.") And his defense team called no witnesses.✲


█This is arguably true of nearly any alternative music scene, but it's especially gratifying to see Wray's characters grappling with the deadly seriousness so often associated with metal — a genre that's historically frightened people to irrational extent — and beginning to find the cracks evident in the posture.❀C322C242K3G5TA7301▐Consumers who are victims of imposter scams can report them to the IRS or to the FTC.✣SDA006-7☍The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory extending from Saturday through Monday for much of the western parts of both Oregon and Washington state. It said the temperatures could raise the risk of heat-related illness, particularly for those who are dehydrated or don't have effective cooling.↔CDBK0520L-HF◙"We have successfully modernized our marketing and customer interaction processes and driven our retail service levels to best in class," CEO James Marcum said. "Nonetheless, our business continues to be challenged by the post-COVID environment and uncertain economic conditions, leading us to take this step to identify a buyer who can continue to operate our business going forward."►

→And data privacy expert Elizabeth Laird has concerns about implementing such approaches in schools in particular, given the lack of research. She directs the Equity in Civic Technology Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT).❉08055C2R2KAT2A◊The tragedy propelled grief-stricken Kushner to look to the Bible to boldly confront issues of suffering, fairness and the role of an omnipotent God — a task that many have ventured to explain but very few have answered as effectively and gracefully as him.⇔

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