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TAP156M010CRW☣"The school received backlash earlier this month when a day after the Writers Guild of America went on strike on May 2 it announced its decision to have Zaslav as the commencement speaker.▃S0402-68NF1D↓The Indian government, supported by the country's powerful religious lobby — Hindu groups in particular, but also Muslim, Christian and Sikh organizations — is arguing vehemently in opposition. Broadly, the government says it has previously recognized same-sex relationships in law, but argues same-sex marriage is an affront to Indian custom. Earlier this month, in a written reply to the court, the Indian government argued it is an "urban elitist" concept.↙

♢The shutdown of the reactors Emsland, Neckarwestheim II and Isar II, agreed to more than a decade ago, was being closely watched abroad.↡

☪Hospital leaders say for this reason, cyberattacks pose an existential threat to the viability of hospitals across the country, especially financially-struggling hospitals or smaller hospitals in rural areas.↿


⇦Mobs angered by the dramatic arrest set fire to the residence of a top army general in the eastern city of Lahore, and supporters attacked the military's headquarters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi near Islamabad. They did not reach the main building housing the offices of army chief Gen. Asim Munir.➱1206Y5000272KDT⇃So let's set aside questions about your future or love life and instead look at why the horoscope can be a gateway to the graceful movements in our night sky — and a source of age-old wonder▪M39003/03-0138✑In a statement, the U.N. said it "will endeavor to continue lifesaving, time-critical humanitarian activities" but "will assess the scope, parameters and consequences of the ban, and pause activities where impeded."☇CCR05CG681JMTR1£House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has indicated his panel will also probe the nature of the breach.♧

◇"All I can say is we do our best to take care of our horses. We treat them better than we treat our children. And we have full confidence in the soundness of our horse," Restrepo said. "We've been training here for two weeks, and he actually has been flourishing at this racetrack."↿1825J5000390FCT✤For Navy veteran Jesse Reynolds, it's personal.➸

⊙Elspeth Rummani, sometimes called Betty, is the book's narrator, and her narrative takes the form of a series of stories, memories, and speculations that she shares at the grave of her great-aunt Nuha. Even though she knows Nuha is dead, communing with the woman and her tall tales and metaphoric fictions is a way for Betty to come to a decision about whether or not she will choose to exile herself from the United States, the only home she's ever really known, and join her lover in another country.⇤


  1. Ronnie Joe Waddell meets the electric chair ... or does he?


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