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RCE5C3A180J2K1H03B❐In addition, the appeals court sought to roll back rules adopted since 2015 that have facilitated access to abortion pills — among them, rules that allow patients seeking an abortion to obtain the pills by mail and rules allowing telemedicine appointments with doctors. Instead, the appeals court sought to reimpose rules not in effect since 2016, such as a rule requiring three in-person appointments for anyone using the drug and a ban on the cheaper generic version of the drug.☣SR215A102JARAP1↳"When you look at a rule like non-unanimous juries in both states, what you see is just a constant failing and an intentional assault on people of color," says Kaplan, the director of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. "And both of our systems, in very similar and different ways over more than 100 years, have played that out in different ways."•


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LQW18AN6N2D00D☀Suspected Israeli airstrikes in Syria in recent weeks have killed two Iranian military advisers and temporarily put the country's two largest airports out of service. Hecht, the military spokesman, said Thursday's rocket fire was not believed to be connected to events in Syria.♪0805Y2000101JXT➚Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation and does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel, while publicly supporting the Palestinian cause.⇀


♂"We traveled 15 hours on land at our own risk," al-Kouni told The Associated Press by phone. "But many of our friends are still trapped in Sudan."↽VJ0603D120KLXACの"I remember like it was yesterday," says Dr. David Dunkle, CEO of the health system based in Franklin, Indiana. "My chief of nursing said, 'Well, it looks like we got hacked.'"◧DMG563H10R↬"And will call you if they see something?"♔105-471GSⓔ“His plan is he’s going to escape in his plane and get back to France, and he’s never going to have to face these charges,” Flowers said, adding that Manchec’s plot was not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. He owns Aero Shade Technologies, a Florida-based company that makes cockpit sunshades for jet planes, Flowers said. He is also a multimillionaire, the sheriff added at the news conference, holding up pictures of his castle and yacht, the Princess of Palau, as evidence.☂

↯Confirmed cases have already been reported across the border in Mozambique, while the WHO said it assessed the current risk of spread inside Malawi and to other neighboring countries as "very high."♛1808J2500152KFT❦Here is what's happening with small banks.◙

♦In television news coverage of the arrest, Teixeira was seen wearing an olive green t-shirt and red athletic shorts being taken into custody in the driveway of his Massachussetts home. The FBI says it's still searching Teixeira's house.➢


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C330C184G1G5TA▶The aggressive crack down on TikTok in Montana arrives as the Biden administration continues to negotiate with the company about its future in the U.S. Last month, White House officials told TikTok to divest from its Beijing-based corporate parent company, ByteDance, or risk facing a nationwide shut down.ⓥTM3E227K010CBA┱Australia will ban single-use disposable vapes, and it will also allow all doctors to write prescriptions for vaping products. Currently, only one in 20 Australian doctors are authorized to do so.✄


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