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▫WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters Wednesday that there were currently 23 countries in the world experiencing cholera outbreaks, with a further 20 countries that share land borders with them at risk.♀1210R-102H↛"It becomes slightly less of a drama if she doesn't come," he said, suggesting that Meghan may have been hoping to "lessen the damage, lessen the pain."✲2534R-32J◘ ■2225J1K00562JXT♢Oakland city Councilmember Kevin Jenkins called the California task force's work "a powerful example" of what can happen when people work together.⇡

□He said the company, whose brands include Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall, had since transformed its ethics and compliance programs.Ю1206J5008P20DAT♣The NRA didn't immediately respond to a request for a response.◘


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2220Y1000271FFT◑Senate Democrats have broadly supported Feinstein's request to give her more time to recover. But without GOP support to replace her, there will likely be new pressure on Feinstein.⇅0603Y0100562KXT⇒Unlike the excavation in the 1800s, this time the team plans to remove everything from the necropolis for analysis.✿


✌But after reaching MaxQ, the rocket began to tumble tail over nose, 18 miles in the air. A minute later, it started to plummet before combusting entirely. A livestream of the launch appeared to show some of the 33 engines in the booster weren't firing.♞T350J685K050AT↞"The entire team has come together to focus our thoughts, prayers, and actions to provide and sustain them with whatever comfort and support they need at this time, and I promise that this will continue long into the future," he said.◎ES2DHE3_A/H⇃And EFE reports that scientists at Spanish universities and a Madrid-based sleep clinic are studying her experience to determine the impact of social isolation and "extreme temporary disorientation" on things like perception of time and circadian rhythm.➱1210D120J102KHT↞Michigan hasn't moved to explicitly protect gender-affirming care in statue. Like some other states, though, it has expanded the state's civil rights to include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" as protected classes.♂

↞(Those states are Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.)〓R6035ENZM12C8➸Schumer told reporters "there are large differences between the parties" but said Democrats and Republicans "can try to come together" on spending issues. He said staff would start meeting Tuesday night or Wednesday to see where there was room for compromise on spending.◑

⊙There are different kinds of turbulence, and it's hard to pinpoint what caused the extreme conditions that rocked Weisse's flight. In an email, Alaska Airlines acknowledged "unexpected turbulence" on the flight. But researchers say there's evidence that a particularly unpredictable type known as "clear-air turbulence" is becoming more frequent, says Paul Williams, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Reading in England.♠


⇛Longview police said they couldn't share any more details about the woman or the circumstances that might have led to her predicament.❤IDCS7328ER470M▂Married four times, he is survived by his wife Lizzie Spender and four children.❉CWR09JB225MB➬In taking on Disney, DeSantis has advanced his reputation as a culture warrior willing to battle political opponents and wield the power of state government to accomplish political goals. It is a strategy he is likely to follow through his expected 2024 run for the White House.♠2225Y0630220JCR❑Debate over Montana's bill drew national attention after Republicans punished Zephyr for her remarks, saying her words were personally offensive. House Speaker Matt Regier refused to let Zephyr speak on the House floor until she apologized. She has not.▨

⇣After a week of battles that hindered rescues, U.S. special forces swiftly evacuated 70 U.S. Embassy staffers from Khartoum to Ethiopia early Sunday. Although American officials said it was too dangerous for a government-coordinated evacuation of thousands of private citizens, other countries scrambled to remove their citizens as well as their diplomats.»0603J2008P20CQT➷And while there was no single explanation for the reported cases, intelligence officials now believe most of the symptoms reported by American officials "were probably the result of factors that did not involve a foreign adversary, such as preexisting conditions, conventional illnesses, and environmental factors."☚


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