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〓The family's lawyers and advocates also called on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to take responsibility and act quickly to fix the problems at the jail and urged the district attorney's office to bring criminal charges in Thompson's death. They also called on Gov. Brian Kemp to address a "mental health crisis" in the state.✁


☂The new standard approved by the CPSC, which was devised by the standards organization ASTM, will replace the previous standard. It has the backing of both consumer groups and furniture manufacturers.☁UP050CH820J-B-BZ↯Biden has said he plans to seek reelection but has not yet made an official announcement.■RBQ30T45ANZC9◆They now live in a high-rise apartment, and over homemade bowls of rassolnik, a dill and pickle soup, the family tells how when they first arrived in Valencia, it was during Las Fallas, the city's weeklong fire festival. The streets were filled with loud music, parties and fireworks.«150D126X0010B2BE3♜But the massacre also left her convinced of something else: “No officer has to save you. They have immunity, they won’t face punishment. This country needs to be aware of that.”▁

➴State Sen. Steven Bradford, who introduced the measure, says the new alert system would ensure that resources and attention are given to bringing home missing Black women and children — eliminating implicit racial bias in cases involving missing persons of color.○ISC1210BN220J♣Scholastic said that during the process it had failed to consult its "mentors" for the Rising Voices collection — authors and educators from Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities — and has since reached out to them to hear their concerns. "We must never do this again," Warwick wrote.➣


☢"Our criminal investigative analysts are working closely with law enforcement to monitor the situation to ensure Kim Potter, like all incarcerated persons, is safe as she leaves our facility," Skoogman said in a statement.➘C1005C0G1H150J/50➭"Short of a default, brinkmanship over the debt limit can also impose serious economic costs," Yellen said as a three-day meeting of finance ministers and central bank chiefs began in the port city of Niigata ahead of the G-7 summit later this month in Hiroshima.】C315C369BAG5TA⇖For example, specialized newsletters and podcasts for niche audiences are rising in popularity, he said. There are also more paid subscriptions, instead of ad-dependent news sites, as well as communities around nerdy topics on platforms like Reddit and Discord.➯1825Y0250124MXR➱"It's time for the Montana Supreme Court to take up the Armstrong case, take another look at it, and reverse it," Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said at a January anti-abortion rally in the Montana Capitol. "It is garbage law and it needs to go."◦

√An agile vocal interpreter, Turner also made other people's iconic songs her own — adding a tone of yearning and desperation to The Beatles' already-pleading "Come Together," and layering on more of a country twang to The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women." Her signature tune, a fiery transformation of Creedence Clearwater Revival's laid-back "Proud Mary," became a showcase for her sultry soul drawl and raspy rock 'n' roll yelp. The latter song won Turner her first Grammy Award, for best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocal. She would win eight Grammys overall — including best female rock vocal performance for three years in a row during the '80s.⇚C315C519DAG5TA♡Pat Neal, 72, of Lincoln, was among those cheering the Nebraska vote Thursday. She, like others in attendance, expressed shock at the bill's failure.₪

↻"No person should ever have to endure harassment, discrimination, or abuse in the workplace," James said in a statement. "No matter how powerful or influential, no institution is above the law, and we will ensure the NFL is held accountable."➸


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2225J0500563GCT⇓"More answers are still needed. There are systemic issues that need to be addressed, including protocols for how intelligence is handled, the security clearance process and how officials can prevent intelligence leaks like this from ever happening again," Reed said in a statement.☣1206J0250151JCR⊙"WHO now sees COVID-19 as a threat in our regular repertoire of things-trying-to-kill-us," says epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina. a health policy epidemiologist with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute in Dallas, who writes the blog Your Local Epidemiologist. And the truth is that the world now has better tools and treatments for COVID than for some age-old diseases: from the readily available self-tests to vaccines and boosters to the paxlovid pill to lessen severity for higher-risk patients.⇢

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