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✄"If you want to have your product sold in Nairobi, Kenya, or Dakar, Senegal, it doesn't just appear," notes Bausch. You have to set up a pipeline – including getting the test approved by regulatory agencies. "In many low- and middle-income countries, those agencies are relatively new." says Bausch. "They're not used to this and there can be long delays."▃MMSZ5235C-HE3-18☻To conduct the research, several young women called 34 hospitals in the state with a script, saying they were pregnant for the first time, trying to decide which Oklahoma hospital to go to for care, and wanting to understand the hospital's policies and processes for providing abortions if pregnancy complications arose. "It's called the 'secret shopper' methodology – we called it a 'simulated patient' methodology," says Dr. Michele Heisler, professor at the University of Michigan and medical director of Physicians for Human Rights, who is one of the study's authors.➹IMBF170R1K0M1XTMA1•"All of this technology is available today, and there's no reason we can't use it and roll it out quickly," Kiefer said.♨CWR29KH685KCFZ▬The two portraits depict relatives of Rembrandt, Jan Willemsz van der Pluym and Jaapgen Carels, who were an elderly couple, according to a news release from Christie's.◦

↠Jerry Springer, a broadcaster, author, politician, journalist, actor, lawyer and host of a daytime show so outrageous he once apologized by saying it "ruined the culture," died today at age 79 in his suburban Chicago home after a brief illness, according to a statement from his family.✚C0402C120M4HAC7867☆Guatemala's Conred disaster center said the volcano named Fuego, Spanish for "fire," was sending out "pyroclastic flows" — a high-temperature mix of gas, ash and rock fragments "which descend with great speed down the flanks of the volcanic complex."◇


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ES1AL RVG↻Part of that strategy involves looking for new ways to reach the public. The CPSC has a sizable following (over 171,000 users) on Twitter, where it's gained attention over the years for its creative graphics.☞0805Y0160102GCR√The likely Republican frontrunners, former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, were scheduled to deliver their own appeal to voters on Saturday, each trying to weaken the others' support in a pair of dueling Iowa rallies. But Trump's event was canceled late in the day due to a severe weather warning.卍


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592D227X9010R2T20H◫The expedition deployed two submersibles, named Romeo and Juliet, some 2.3 miles below the surface to map every millimeter of the wreck site.∎A223M15X7RF5TAA▶That includes bans on gender-affirming medical care for minors, restrictions on the types of restrooms transgender people can use, measures restricting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity, and bills that would out transgender students who want teachers to address them by the pronouns they use.✲

▕"The brain is really a network, and there are certain parts of the brain that are more involved with certain functions," said Hilsabeck. "You can have a failure in something like financial abilities for lots of reasons caused by different parts of the brain."♠


☼And for those who are worried about accidentally ingesting a poisonous mushroom when they go out foraging, Brewer says to, "go out with people who are experts or find a local mushroom club. And if you're ever in any doubt, throw it out. Don't ever risk it."⇗T356G106M035AT7301▥Ultimately, Gone to the Wolves is a powerful and juicy novel about a particular time, subculture, and the ways people can find themselves in — or can deliberately disappear into — fandom.☠GA1206Y152MXBBR31G☺They're the first from their country to ride a rocket since a Saudi prince launched aboard shuttle Discovery in 1985. In a quirk of timing, they'll be greeted at the station by an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates.▣CDBD2080-GღHer volunteer efforts led to jobs in the Obama administration — in the White House and the Department of the Interior.♠

♘“As much as no one likes getting served, no one likes serving,” he said. “But here’s the thing: don’t take it out on the process server, because we’re just doing our job.”▶1210Y1K50390JCR☢11. ""Imagine"" — John Lennon (1971)☺

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