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❧One of the nation's most august collecting institutions, the Library of Congress, includes nearly four million sound recordings. Since 2000, the LOC has promoted its preservation work through the National Recording Registry.❄562RY5PRK102EF222M✈HALEY: Well, the law in South Carolina was the furthest we could get it at the time. That was before Roe was overturned. For a national standard, I think we have to tell the American people the truth. In order to do a national standard, you'd have to have a majority of the House, 60 Senate votes, and a president. We haven't had 60 pro-life senators in 100 years. So the idea that a Republican president could ban all abortions is not being honest with the American people, any more than a Democrat president could ban these pro-life laws in the states. So let's be honest with the American people and say, let's find national consensus. Let's agree on, you know, getting rid of late-term abortions. Let's agree on the fact that we need more adoptions. Let's agree on the fact that we need accessible contraception. Let's agree on the fact that mothers shouldn't be jailed or go to, you know, get the death penalty for abortions. But I'll also ask you, let's go and if we're going to talk about weeks, ask Kamala and Biden, are they good for 35 weeks? 36 weeks? 37 weeks? At what point, are they okay?✲C1206X222KMRECAUTO☀"Suddenly there's no more reality," he said. "And that is really worrisome because I don't know how we reason about the world."░2225J1000153KCR〓Tuberville said that he thinks efforts to root out extremism — and critical race theory, which he contends is being taught in the military — are causing the U.S. to lose service members.Θ

↯The AR-15 has a long history in mass shootings in the U.S.➵C2012NP02A392J125AA☺Lemon later apologized, saying at an editorial meeting with CNN colleagues that he understood "why people found it completely misguided."⇖

☏The invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, and it was just the start of what would become a years-long, complex mix of military operations, intelligence activities, and political initiatives to stabilize post-war Iraq and to deal with the consequences.➟


﹌Rutgers AAUP-AFT General Vice President Todd Wolfson told NPR that those negotiations were expected to begin Monday afternoon.⇣8.85E+11⇌In Ukraine, through a videographer friend of his daughter's documenting the war, he was also connected to Vladyslav Orlov, a special operations Ukrainian soldier who in October had been severely injured by a Russian explosive device.♞GRM0336R1E5R7CD01D◨The policies were in place as a way of ensuring government propaganda did not run amuck on the platform. Now that Musk owns Twitter, it is unclear if the same platform and advertising restrictions on state-affiliated media are still in place.☌SR305E105MAA-LP£An 80-year-old woman and a Palestinian laborer who was working inside Israel were killed by rocket fire. A Palestinian human rights group said three people, including two children, were killed in Gaza by errant rockets.웃

✚Kendall throws around a ton of jargon to convince his numbers guy to create wild projections with no basis in reality. And speaking of reality, it turns out not letting people tell you no doesn't affect it, so there is no house on stage. Kendall will just have to do the presentation with Roman as a regular, boring old PowerPoint (basically).ⓔBZX84B4V7-HE3-18➽The attack at the Vladislav Ribnikar school also left seven people hospitalized, six children and a teacher. One girl who was shot in the head remains in life-threatening condition, and a boy is in serious condition with spinal injuries, Grujicic said Friday.∴

£While journalists sometimes edit quotes to clarify an interview subject's remarks, it's a delicate task — and it does not entail adding language out of whole cloth.⇉


☺The U.S. and its allies will continue to press China on those practices, she said, and "take coordinated actions" in response, like "friend-shoring" supply chains to mitigate vulnerabilities.↬VJ0805D121KLPAJ♢Earlier this month, Burgum also signed a transgender athlete ban into law after it similarly passed the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities. In 2021, Burgum vetoed a bill that would have imposed a transgender athlete ban at that time, but House and Senate lawmakers did not have enough votes back then to override his veto.▋C323C681FAG5TA7301▰“You don’t see any bodies, you don’t see any blood, you don’t see anybody yelling, screaming for help,” Coronado told investigators later. “Those are motivators for you to say, ‘Hey, get going, move.’ But if you don’t have that, then slow down.”▣SMAJ5923E3/TR13◧The manuscript was exhibited at the ANU Museum in March as part of a worldwide tour before the auction.º

☠But more than 100,000 shoes of victims remain, some 80,000 of them in huge heaps on display in a room where visitors file by daily. Many are warped, their original colors fading, shoe laces disintegrated, yet they endure as testaments of lives brutally cut short.➸1111Y1500680FQT↽But this so-called "grand bargain" met resistance from a group of House Republicans calling themselves the House Freedom Caucus. Boehner would clash with this rather informal caucus regularly over the next few years until he suddenly resigned in frustration in the midst of the 2015 session of Congress.↿


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