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SR155E473MAR♦The prosecution's case seemed clear-cut: On July 7, 1998, Miller grabbed a .45-caliber pistol and fatally shot her husband, a local sheriff's deputy named Denver Miller, as he slept in bed at their home in Franklinton, La. Then she lied to police, blaming burglars, all because she wanted to have an affair with another man.√JANS1N6323US♐Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis said Fox lawyers previously had "represented to him more than once" that Murdoch was not an officer for the subsidiary cable network. Such information "could have" led him to make different rulings earlier on in the case, he said.☺

☪Officials say Artemis III also will land the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface.▕

▏The first iconic image of a black hole looked like a fuzzy, orange donut, but now that picture has been sharpened up to a fiery ring, thanks to computer simulations and machine learning.▬


★On how vocal volume can convey emotion:☃TAZH337K006CBSC0800☝The end of the public health emergency declaration has "brought up a lot of things that I really tried to forget," says Paredes. "It's something that we really can't forget. We've got to learn from what we've gone through, take that with us."➣SK32/TR13✏Police were able to track the truck to Cobb County, where police narrowed in on their search to a building near a shopping area by Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, where they arrested Patterson.➹CGA2B3X7R1E224M050BE▒Each new episode stirs debate, both legal and political, about the motives of the leakers, the proper response to their actions and the larger consequences to come.⏎

↭Maintaining a steady flow of weapons to Kyiv will be critical in the war's second year, especially with both sides planning spring offensives.↢2225J0500270KCT♤Fredericks says it might be best to just skip that piece of second-hand furniture. But if you absolutely must have it, he recommends exercising extreme caution and calling a pest control expert.⇓

▁Superstar golfer Tiger Woods announced on Sunday that he was withdrawing from the Masters tournament in Augusta, Ga., over a foot injury.❑


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