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➸"Because after a while of being in the same spot, I feel like sometimes you can get to a point of homeostasis where you feel like you're kind of just chilling."↺JANTXV1N3016CUR-1⇎Pippi's Place was started two years ago and is named after director Vicki Grizzard's black kitten, who she found abandoned and needing help. She named her Pippi, after the mischievous book character.♥CC1206KKX5R7BB105↚The autopsy found that the sedative alprazolam, often sold under the brand name Xanax, was found in his system, as was the compressed gas difluoroethane, which the report says is "a gas commonly used as a propellant in air spray cleaners," which "can induce feelings of euphoria when inhaled."◐CL31C270FBCNNNC♔"How would you feel if you had a dream and you fulfilled it?" she said when asked why. "Would you come out crying?"▂

✃Francis also revealed a secret peace "mission" was under way. However, he gave no details when asked whether he spoke about peace initiatives during his talks in Budapest this weekend with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban or the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hungary.⇋M39014/22-0398«Investigators also believe a stolen Chevy Silverado is connected to the escape.▐

✂Republicans call the legislation pro-family and pro-child, pointing to at least $160 million in spending contained within for maternal health services, foster and adoption care, contraceptive access and paid leave for teachers and state employees after the birth of a child.▒


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2225J2K50220FCT↠"Unlike previous ceasefires, the Agreement reached in Jeddah was signed by the parties and will be supported by a U.S.-Saudi and international-supported ceasefire monitoring mechanism."♀VJ0805D681FLAAR♂PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron's unpopular plan to raise France's retirement age from 62 to 64 was enacted into law Saturday, the day after the country's constitutional body approved the change.➜

⇟About 476,000 people are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease each year in the U.S., according to estimates reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.⇓


◑About 90-100 Ukrainian troops are at Fort Sill undergoing the training, Defense Department spokesman Air Force Gen. Pat Ryder said Tuesday. Ryder told reporters at the Pentagon that the training was expected to last several months.➸PA4305.823NLT▕The verdict against Holmes came after a 46 days of trial testimony and other evidence that cast a spotlight on a culture of greed and hubris that infected Silicon Valley as technology became a more pervasive influence on society and the economy during the past 20 years.♘GA1210A471GBLAT31G▷The victims were all originally from Honduras, and Oropesa is from Mexico, Capers said on Saturday.◨CL10C751JB8NNNC♬Those images of physical violence (Warning: Graphic violence is depicted in the linked video) in turn sparked dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against Israeli targets, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on both territories, and a subsequent pair of attacks Friday on civilians in the occupied West Bank and Tel Aviv, which have left two British-Israeli settlers and an Italian tourist dead. The militant group Hamas has not claimed responsibility for either Friday attack, but instead praised them as valid retaliation for the prior behavior of Israeli police.↿

➢The initiative shares resources with local groceries — and even has a grocery toolkit for people looking to start up a new store.↠RCR875DNP-3R9L┲"North Dakota has always been pro-life and believed in valuing the moms and children both," Myrdal said in an interview. "We're pretty happy and grateful that the governor stands with that value."➱

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