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➤With the help of the Family Healthcare Foundation, she was able to sign up her kids for new health coverage, and she eventually got her son's biopsy rescheduled for the end of June.✌


▮Khan, 70, arrived Friday morning at the Islamabad High Court under heavy security, escorted by armored security vehicles, to hear a judge grant him bail in the corruption case and issue the order barring his arrest until at least May 17. The PTI said later that Khan would return to his home in the city of Lahore when he was released from court custody, which was expected imminently.❖T95R227M016HZALMcCarthy has repeatedly said that including work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents enrolled in federal safety net programs like food stamps is a must-have for his conference. That provision is included in a bill House Republicans passed last month that addresses raising the debt limit.⇕1331-681J⇌"This is a great day because we did well in this election," she said in her concession speech Sunday. "This celebration of democracy is always a glorious thing."ⓔSZ1SMB5939BT3G☪Roberto Salazar II, 26, of San Diego was sentenced for importing fentanyl and for conspiracy to distribute heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office.▔

♖Caitlyn Paxson is a writer and performer. She is a regular reviewer for NPR Books and Quill & Quire.♨VJ0603D330MLPAP☾He has also received strong support and, as The Washington Post reports, even advice from Trump ally Steve Bannon.➳

✿An FBI ballistics report later showed that it was Cosgrove's bullets that killed her, according to WFPL.♛

♣There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Wednesday's attack, but ISIS-K has recently stepped up its violence across the country.✄


➶"It's uncomfortable when we see the labor market weaken, but given how vexing inflation has been over the last two years, some softening of the labor market is necessary," said Sarah House, senior economist at Wells Fargo.★MA0402CG221K500❈After defending it as a key public health measure for over a year, the Biden administration tried to end Title 42 in the spring of 2022, but Republican-led states convinced a judge to block the termination.▢1206J0250270FFR⇧“Anti-LGBTQ violence and hate should not be winning in America, but it will continue to until corporate leaders step up as heroes for their LGBTQ employees and consumers,” Ellis said in a statement. She added that the backlash against Target from a “small group of extremists … should be a wake-up call for consumers and is a reminder that LGBTQ people, venues, and events are being attacked with threats and violence like never before.”◦GRM3195C1H112JA01J▦Two of the defendants on trial for the January 6th riot tried to claim video showing them at the Capitol could have been created or manipulated by artificial intelligence. Lawyers for one cited a 2017 deepfake of former President Barack Obama, created by researchers, as reason for the court to doubt footage of the riot that had been taken from YouTube.▮

▮It's a mixed bag for the souvenir vendors so far. Some along Regent and Oxford streets in central London told NPR they're barely selling any of the coronation-themed merchandise they've stocked. But Fernando Santos, working at a kiosk opposite Big Ben, says his sales have picked up.▎1206Y2K01P00DCT✐Thornton said there were about 50 to 60 people crammed inside the party venue, which measured about 38 feet (12 meters) by 26 feet (8 meters), when the gunfire erupted.◈


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