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BC516_D74Z▼However, some outlets and organizations are making an effort to be more inclusive when it comes to telling stories about missing persons of color.CBR08C110GAGAC✄But the trusted contact has no authority. The hope is that once notified, the named relative or friend will talk to the account holder and prevent further harm. It's a start, but a small one. The low-stakes effort is limited to the brokerage side of operations at Wells Fargo and most other large institutions. The same protection is not extended to clients' credit cards, checking or savings accounts.⇗


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CKC18X472FDGACAUTO☞When she won female artist of the year, co-host Dolly Parton handed her the trophy. "I can't believe I just met Dolly Parton, first of all," Wilson said.◑VJ0402Y391KLJAJ32➷It's impossible to put a price on what Tokuda-Hall may sacrifice from rejecting the deal with Scholastic, a trusted, powerhouse publisher in the children's market that affords authors exposure. She feared that speaking publicly about the offer could harm her reputation and career.▀

☆A spokeswoman for NPR declined to comment further.↶

➟"Ja's conduct was irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous," NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement at the time. "It also has serious consequences given his enormous following and influence, particularly among young fans who look up to him."º


♨Mestas, 71, is now one of the hundreds of well owners participating in a study that tackles the question: How does drought affect not just the quantity, but the quality, of water?♔C335C184K5G5TA↚Standing at an imposing 6 feet, 7 inches, and 320 pounds, Hinton is a good fit for a Michigan Wolverines team that is coming off an already successful run where the team made it to the College Football Playoff for two consecutive years.➴250R07S330GV4T↮"My son and I have always been close and I thought, given how difficult he found it to tell me, what must children in homophobic and transphobic families be going through? I wanted to keep the conversation open for them," says Desai. "Since then, I have spoken with thousands and thousands of children and their parents. Some parents, they are so stubborn and it takes many phone calls for them to listen — they would insult me and bang the phone down."➶CGHV60170D-GP4❖"My focus at this time is my health and recovery," Lee said. "It's been challenging to end my Auburn career early, but I am thankful for all of the love & support."❏

➝"The shooting was heavy and the attacker tried to enter the synagogue compound," he said. "The counterterrorism officers, who were extremely professional, quickly blocked all exits. A carnage was thus avoided."卍TBJC685K035CBSC0823►In the 1970s, the Nixon administration used a similar tactic, with federal transportation funding as the carrot. Given the energy crisis at the time, the administration wanted states to reduce oil consumption by imposing a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. But it couldn't mandate states to do so. Instead, Nixon signed a law saying states could receive federal highway funding only if they lowered speed limits. In the end, all states complied.↕


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